Thursday, June 28, 2012

Beta 0.14 (28.06)

Camcorder is working, native omx encoding is working.
I've been lucky and can somehow play my recorded videos but reports say that it shouldn't do that.
Issues: video is capped at 15fps so it is a little choppy, recorded video is rotated 90 degrees

Usb tether is working, not 100% native, using a motorola tethering apk that runs in the background, but for the regular user no difference then regular tethering. (same as cm uses btw)

New options in evtoolbox

Moved stk.apk to system/app partition as it didn't work properly for cm7r2

Http mirror
Http mirror #2

Torrent link
Magnet link


    If the link is down, it may mean that there is a problem on my end ;)

  2. Second http-mirror up:

  3. As suggested, another http mirror:

  4. Instagram doesn't work well. It crashes when I use tiltshift and when I try to upload a photo.
    Foursquare finally works...

  5. Just wondering how do I update?

  6. Thanks a lot for the effort!! My HTC desire runs on ICS :D

  7. Hi, this is a great job from Sandvold, however there's something that bothers me for example, using HTC Desire GSM, latest radio:

    - No fallback to 2G/3G (when using for a longer period WiFi, mobile network won't reconnect unless I do a restart or turn ON/OFF flight mode)

    - Bluetooth (there maybe a missing profile or something else, i dunno, cause Car audio does synchronize contact but no call history)

    I believe I'm not the only one, also, I noticed the same issue with other ROM's (MIUI, MildWild)