Monday, September 3, 2012

Beta 0.18


LOADS of RIL changes, not sure how big differeence it will be, but need feedback on signal, 3g etc.
Fixed Google Now so Voice Search work
Removed skipbrokendatacall, which some reports say helps on wifi/3g issue
Updated SU
Fixed so you can search for signal again.
Added Dk_zeros mount2sd script

Http mirror

Torrent link
Magnet link


  1. have no root access any more. But with 0.16.1 i had, so whats wrong?

  2. error ! unable to acquire root privileges :)

  3. The new version 0.18 overwrite the root rights. No chance to enable phone security protection, or enable root explorer

  4. it was in 0.17.1,too, wasnt it? :(

  5. @mimo
    No 0.17.1 works with full root rights, here at my Desire

    1. Which recovery you use. with clockwork recovery it doesnt work in my case.

  6. I can not flash Version 0.18. Even after flash nor Aplex comes up also the default launcher doesn't start. Only a black screen.

  7. Man what have you done.. ......... this is crazy fast. Thankyou thankyou thankyou. You rock!!!

  8. @Sandvold

    There is no chance to get SU rights for any application like root explorer, lbe security, shell or clockwork

    Version 017.1 work fast without freeze or glitches... a good stuff!

  9. SU no longer works in this version. Worked without problems in 0.17.1. Everything else - as much as I tested - works OK.

  10. with Clockwork is also no root

  11. To fix SU problems:
    1. Download new version of superuser:
    2. Place zip file on sd-card
    3. Boot into recovery and flash zip

  12. Sandvold hello I have a problem with version 0.18, after having installed the rom does not connect to the network, I live in Venezuela and my ISP is DIGITEL, whipe everything and not fixed, my radio is, update to latest version also and still the same

  13. I seem to have trobles using the Danish keylayout. Everytime i try it just freeses while im trying to write. Then it restarts the keyboard and deletes the word i was trying to write.

  14. @anonymus

    Your suggestion to fix the SU issue works fine! Thank you!

  15. Suggested in previous post that this was Crazy Fast, have noticed that CPU is running at 100% using smartassV2 ondemand (and others) @ 998MHz, this would explain to speed but comes at the cost of battery life - very high battery drain at the moment.

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