Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Beta 0.16 (01.08)

First of all, sorry for not updating for a long time. I've pretty much just been taking a holiday, just needed to put deving on hold for a while. Plus I've been working some on JB.

I'm still going to update ICS, at least until JB is better working and releases should be much more frequent then it was in July.


A lot of small changes, mainly stability
Prepared for the int2sd script for proz0r. It's added but don't work. Can't be chosen.
Same for sullier. If anyone want to have a look on this then great:)

Also changed bootanimation.
New changes for trying to fix the wifi/3g issue

Http mirror

Torrent link
Magnet link


  1. I was the first.. nanannaan! :) Thanks!

  2. Which version is the most stable ICS? This one? btw GJ :)

    1. I'm still on version 0.11, had absolutely no reason to upgrade yet (I will when I find the time). I'd still probably grab the latest, the last bunch of updates have all been minor stability tweaks (and adding Google Now).

  3. New http-mirror:

  4. Did a full wipe and checked file several times and it sits at the HTC screen the whole time. Had to revert back to 0.15

  5. Latest update flies, much faster and very stable. Thankyou for keeping my Desire current and I think ahead of the pack. After all it is the smallest footprint phone running ICS that I know. Great job, would be hard pressed to look at JB until it matches your work here.


    I have this bug even on stock launcher...