Friday, August 3, 2012

Beta 0.16.1 (03.08)

Okey some small fixes, should be more stable then with some new features.

Full wipe is NEEDED if you want to test the Int2SD


Fixed Searching for network + 3g/wifi
Added int2sd (thx noonamer)
Smoothness fixes
Updated to a working T9 dialer hopefully
Fixed an error in updater script that made supercharger install when you chose T9
Fixed Google Now (wasn't included in last version for some reason) and some other bugs with Google Now in updated script

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  1. HTTP-Mirror:

  2. I chose to install Google Now during the Aroma Installation, but I can't seem to find it anywhere on my system? (Apps, Widgets, no trace of Google Now)

  3. Install the input method, press and keyboard, the system will restart, tried two kinds of input software like this, modify the.

  4. Installed Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) on my HTC Desire, But Wifi And BT not working? Pls Help Me :(

  5. Hey,
    I updated from 0.15.1 to 0.16.1 on Stock HBOOT. After the update, i dont see the phone icon to make calls. when i try to dial a number from a text message, it says program not found. Any idea what the issue is? Lemme know.

  6. Hello :),
    I updated from Version 0.15.1 to 0.16.1. An error continuously pops up "Process %1$s is not responding" I tried all the different App2SD Methods but the error still appears. I also installed T9 Dialler and Z.SuperCharger.

    Another problem is that I cannot change from Android Keyboard to SwiftKey X. When I change to Input Method the phone reboots itself. When it Finishes booting I have to reboot it again as a message appears saying Sim card added reboot system now. After that it loads correctly.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi I am facing the same problem that i can't change the keyboard. A bit annoying.

      Furthermore i am haveing problem with Google play which is nit responding.

      Some complaining, but i like to thank the developer for a great piece of work

  7. I want to make a call, but it shown error "Unfortunately, Contact has stopped". But still can make call through contact.

  8. Where i find the information about the installed size of the beta0.16.1? The zip file is ~190 mb i have 180 mb system (Alpharev Data++) so... What is the needed /system size?

  9. Ditto on the absence of Google Now, the inability to change keyboards.

  10. Same problem here with missing Google Now, while I did select it in Aroma installer. Also, enabling Search Bar in Homescreen settings doesn't work anymore. All on version 0.16.1.

  11. Same problem with %1$s process, Google Now and Input method rebooting. (I am using INT2SD)

  12. Yes, this bug with Google Play only appears when INT2SD is used... INT2SD is very useful, so it's very annoying bug...

  13. I have problem with Waze GPS - application closes itself when trying enter new address. Did work fine in 0.15.1 . Some ideas ?

  14. definitely cant find google now

  15. Installed version 0.16.1, works really good, no real issues. I'm quite a newbe doing this first time. Does somebody could give a hint how to update to a next version having 0.16.01 installed?

  16. Deleted 15.0.1, full wipe. Copy 16.0.1 to sd & flashed, but phone have same version 15.0.1... How can I upgrade to 16.0.1??? This happens every time...

  17. I don't know if I'm the only one who noticed but when the screen is locked, I can still pull down the notification bar.
    Is there a way to lock it?
    My phone "unlocks itself" in my pocket because of this! :(